Daniella Georgiou

Daniella Georgiou completed her Foundation Course at Bournemouth Arts Institute and then went on to study Product Design for the Fashion Industries at the exclusive Cordwainers at London College of Fashion for four years, specializing in leather and hadnbag design.

Daniella trained abroad in New York, for fashion designer Zac Posen. Her role was that of assistant designer in accessories were she not only got the opportunity to design but also to travel to Italy to oversee the factory and production. Her next placement was back in London, where she worked for the late Alexander McQueen, under Pablo Coppla (the now Design Director at Bally) again gaining valuable experience in the field of design and accessories.

Daniella founded her women’s accessories brand in 2012 specializing in beach, resort and travel accessories.

For the eternal traveler who wants a practical, stylish and unique product, for everyday and for every season.

Designed and created on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Currently sells international with stockists in the US, UK, Greece and Cyprus.

Website -  www.daniellageorgiou.com

Email – info@daniellageorgiou.com

Phone - + 357 99 407237


Perception and Appreciation in Design- How we can learn to embrace and appreciate creative platforms and local products in our culture.

Cyprus was a favourable location in the 1980’s for textiles, wearing apparel and leather. Skilled workers used to design and produce high quality products. However, the transfer to Asian manufacturers driven by lower labour costs and mass production products, almost wiped out our local manufacturing companies.

We cannot as a country compete with the Far East or with the well-established fashion cities. Instead, our focus should be on combining skills of the older generation with a focus on more authentic local products. To strengthen this transformation there needs to be a change in perceptions. We are a country driven by an academic and corporate mindset, which is fueled by our education system. The lack of art and design education/training in local schools and universities is very noticeable. In recent years there has been a positive push across the island from many design and creative agencies/organisations looking to distinguish themselves, and bring forward unique ideas and products. Even with minimal resources, local designers have been successful in gaining appreciation and high sales for locally produced products in comparison to international stores and customers. This is a strong indication that with additional support and a much needed change in how our culture perceives local designs and products, we could achieve so more.

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