World Design Day Cyprus 2017


World Design Day Cyprus

Within the geographical, political, social, cultural and economic context of Cyprus, as well as the wider definition of design discourse, the purpose of World Design Day Cyprus, is to

- Provide a public platform for the dissemination of the innovative work and achievements of Cypriot designers from different fields;
- Promote Cypriot design that is underpinned by social, ethical, environmental and inclusive considerations;
- Highlight the contribution to the quality of life, as well as the cultural, social and economic contribution of design disciplines to Cypriot society;
- Raise awareness of design thinking and process in the context of Cyprus; and
- Organise related events for World Design Day Cyprus.

We consider that design is inherently multi and cross disciplinary, and as such it encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, such as applied arts, architecture, automotive design, communication design, engineering design, graphic design, fashion design, game design, information architecture, industrial design, instructional design, interaction design, interior design, landscape architecture, lighting design, motion graphic design, product design, process design, service design, software design, sound design, urban design, user experience design and web design – to name a few.

We consider that the value of design to Cypriot society can be better appraised if together with the cultural and educational contributions, the wider improvements to the quality of life and the economic benefits are also acknowledged.

WDDC 2017

On 27th of April 2017 from 18:30 to 21:30, the 2nd World Design Day Cyprus event will be hosted in Limassol.
Living Design / Presentation & Discussion with Cypriot Designers will take place in
Tassos Papadopoulos Building, Hall 1, ground floor, Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus.



The Cyprus Design Day 2017 identity package contains three logo icons with transparent background in PNG file format and an A3 poster in JPG format. All the files are provided free of charge for editorial and news purposes. Right to make merchandise or commercial use is reserved and might require permission.

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